1. Insert the stick up to the line on the filter until the holder vibrates and light(s) pulse(s). Heating starts automatically, or by pressing the button for 1 second

2. You can start using your device once the holder vibrates and the lights stay fixed

3. To signal the last 30 seconds of use or that the last 2 puffs are left, the holder will vibrate with the light(s) pulsing white

4. Dispose of the stick immediately after you’ve used it, simply by removing the stick from the holder and disposing of them

5. Insert the holder in the charger for recharging
To enable device Bluetooth® connectivity, turn the device OFF (press for five seconds then release) turn the device ON (press for 5 seconds then release).

• In the app: allow to access the device’s location
• Navigate to the ‘Devices’ tab and tap on the “ADD NEW” button if you pair the device for the first time. Then, follow the instructions on the screen.
• If the device has already been paired just select “PAIR”
IQOS ILUMA™ is the latest generation of IQOS devices that offers the heating technology.

IQOS ILUMA™ uses the innovative SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ bladeless induction heating technology, which heats the smoke from within, with the new smoke stick, called TEREA™. So your smoke heats up and doesn't burn, having an easy inhale and a consistent flavor experience. You can still enjoy two consecutive uses when you want without recharging the device.

IQOS ILUMATM is simpler to use: cleaning the base is no longer required. Importing and exporting TEREA is now easier. IQOS ILUMATM features an advanced Autostart® function when you insert a TEREATM. More robustness and reliability – with our latest addition to the IQOSTM family, IQOS ILUMATM offers less odor compared to previous IQOSTM generations (as confirmed by most consumers) and broken blades are in the past with the innovative SMARTCORE bladeless induction heating technology INDUCTION SYSTEM™.

The family of revolutionary new IQOS ILUMATM devices is available in 3 models. IQOS ILUMA PRIMETM: Our device with the most innovative design and materials. IQOS ILUMA™: with a similar design to IQOS 3 DUOTM but with different technology, and IQOS ILUMA ONETM: for 20 consecutive uses. Innovative technology enhances your smoking experience, while advanced features and customizability allow you to personalize your device according to your preferences and needs.
FLASHING YELLOW LIGHT IN THE HOLDER: This means the battery is dead and the base needs to be charged.

The charging time of the IQOS ILUMA holder:
  • Average 1' 50'' to charge up to 0-1 use*
  • On average 3' 25'' to charge up to 1-2 uses*
  • On average 5' 15'' to charge up to 0-2 uses*

  • RED LIGHT INDICATION WHERE FLASHING ON THE BASE: Place the cradle on the pocket charger and then restart the pocket charger.

    WHITE LIGHT INDICATORS FLASH TWICE ON BASE: This means that IQOS ILUMA is out of operating temperature range. The operating temperature range is between >0°C-<40°C.
    It takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge IQOS ILUMA ONE™ from an electrical outlet when using the adapter and charging cable.
    IQOS ILUMA ONE™ does not require a full charge to operate, however we recommend fully charging it before first use.
    The IQOS ILUMATM base vibrates when:
  • One vibration: At the start of heating
  • One vibration: When the device is ready to use.
  • One vibration: When the usage is nearing the end (30 seconds before the end).

  • If there is no vibration even though the base is charged, it indicates that:
    The IQOS ILUMATM base is malfunctioning, the customer did not perceive the vibration or the vibration function was disabled
    Briefly press the button. The indicator lights will light up to indicate the battery level.
  • 4 white lights: Battery is fully charged.
  • 3 white lights: Up to 75% battery left.
  • 2 white lights Up to 50% battery left.
  • 1 white light: Up to 25% battery left.
  • The serial number of each device is unique and necessary to register it in your account. It is located on the box but also on the device itself. IQOS ILUMA PRIME: Remove the magnetic cover of the pocket charger and find the number next to the QR code. IQOS ILUMA: Remove the pocket charger door cover. You will see the number next to the QR code at the bottom. IQOS ILUMA ONE: The serial number is located on the back bottom of the device next to the CE mark.
    To reset your device, place the holder in the pocket charger and press the button for 10 seconds, then release. All of the lights will turn OFF, blink twice, and turn on again to confirm a reset.
    There are couple of ways you can check how many uses you have left. Either on the holder itself or by checking the pocket charger with the holder inside. Here’s how:

    Checking on the holder: Tilt the holder towards you or short press the button. The lights will come on and indicate the battery level. When 2 lights are on it means the holder is ready for 2 uses and 1 light on means it’s ready for 1 use only.

    Checking on the pocket charger: Short press the side button on the pocket charger with the holder inside the charger. The pocket charger light will turn on. 2 lights mean the holder is ready for 2 uses and 1 light on means ready for 1 use. You’re all set to enjoy your tobacco experience.
    No problem. Features and settings can be turned on or off via the IQOS app such as autostart, customization features, lock and unlock device. And do remember to register your device by scanning the QR code on your device. You’ll find it by removing the door cover of your IQOS ILUMA, under the wrap of your IQOS ILUMA PRIME, or on the back side of your IQOS ILUMA ONE.
    Checking the battery level of the pocket charger is easy. Simply short press the side button on the pocket charger. The pocket charger lights will turn on to indicate the battery level:

    -4 white lights mean the battery is fully charged

    -3 white lights mean up to 75% battery life remaining

    -2 white lights mean up to 50% battery life remaining

    -1 white light means up to 25% battery life remaining

    It’s quick and easy to charge your device but remember, it’s safer to use the power adapter and charging cable designed for IQOS ILUMA. It takes around 135 minutes to fully charge the pocket charger and up to 10 minutes to fully charge the holder for the first time after unpacking.

    The holder recharge times are:

    1’ 50” for 1 use*

    3’25” for 1-2 uses*

    5’ 15” 0-2 uses*

    and 10’ 05” for its first charge out of the box*

    *Please refer to the battery degradation section.
    To make your experience easier, IQOS ILUMA is packed full of new advanced features.


    Once your TEREA stick is correctly inserted, your holder will vibrate to let you know that the SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ has started preheating automatically. You don’t need to set up the IQOS app for autostart to work but you can use the IQOS app to deactivate the autostart. When it’s ready to use, the device will vibrate a second time. You can also start heating manually by pressing the side button.

    Checking your holder: This smart gesture allows you to check how much battery is remaining in your holder. Simply tilt the holder towards you when you’re not using it, and the lights on the holder will indicate the battery level.

    Checking how much experience is left: Double-tap your holder and the vibrations will indicate how much of your experience is left. For instance:

    3 vibrations = 75-50%
    2 = 50-25%
    1 = <25%.

    You can enable and adjust the vibration modes to suit you, using the IQOS app.
    If your IQOS ILUMA doesn't start on its own then please:

  • Check that you’re only using TEREA sticks
  • Make sure they’re being placed in the right direction in the holder

  • Open the IQOS app and check if the autostart function has been accidentally deactivated

    Place the holder in the pocket charger and perform a RESET. To do this, press and hold down the pocket charger button for 10 seconds until the lights fade out. The RESET is confirmed when you release the button and all of the lights blink 2 times

    If the holder starts on its own without a TEREA stick inserted then please follow these steps:

    Place the holder in the pocket charger and perform a RESET.

    If RESET doesn’t fix the problem, download the IQOS app and remove the autostart setting from the holder Remember, you can start your tobacco experience manually by inserting your TEREA stick into the holder and pressing the button for two seconds to activate your experience. If it still doesn’t work, find out what's wrong.
    The great news is that cleaning the leather wrap is easy. Just grab a damp cloth and wipe it gently. Unfortunately, wraps are not covered by the warranty.
    IQOS ILUMA Prime and IQOS ILUMA are designed to offer 20 sessions per full charge. IQOS ILUMA ONE offers 25 sessions per full charge. Each IQOS experience lasts approximately 6 minutes or up to 14 puffs. In case you feel your experience lasts less, please try the following:

    -Restart your device by pressing and holding the start button on the pocket charger for 10 seconds.

    -Fully charge your device and make sure you are using the original IQOS charging accessories.