Heated Tobacco Characterizing Flavour Ban

Home FAQ Heated Tobacco Characterizing Flavour Ban
Home FAQ Heated Tobacco Characterizing Flavour Ban
As from October 2023, the European Union will ban the sale of heated tobacco products with a characterizing flavour. This means that the products will not be available to adult consumers within the EU. The ban will take effect on the 23rd of October 2023.
Characterizing flavour means any clearly noticeable non-tobacco flavours, both in terms of smell and taste, such as caramel, fruit, vanilla etc.
The flavours that will be delisted from our range are:
  • Mauve Wave and Willow in TEREA and HEETS.
  • Roxo in FIIT.

  • However, our portfolio continues to consist of a wide range of choices and has recently been enriched with some new TEREA and FIIT flavours, in our efforts to constantly offer new and improved products to our consumers and to adults that would otherwise continue to smoke.
    The new EU rules exclusively cover heated tobacco products. As flavoured vapes, and vaping devices in general, do not fall within this category, they are not affected by these new regulations.
    All tobacco and nicotine containing products damage your health and are addictive. The best option for smokers is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether. However, for adults who continue smoking, heat-not-burn, products such as heated tobacco products and e-cigarettes, are better options to continued smoking. Tobacco products with characterizing flavours could be more appealing to youth, and this is the reason why the EU bans their sale as of the 23rd of October 2023.