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We know that some adult smokers find it challenging to convert to IQOS.
That is why we encourage adult IQOS users to join our complimentary and effective QOACH program.
Your personal QOACH will be by your side to answer your questions via phone or email ― whichever you prefer.
How does this program help?
From deciding which type of HEETS tobacco sticks suits your taste preferences best, to explaining how to clean your device, to providing tips about IQOS whenever you need it, our highly trained COACHES will accompany and motivate you every step of the conversion journey.
Phone number: 8000 88 03 (for free), Monday to Sunday from 09.00 to 21.00,
Store locator:
To join, you must be a legal-age smoker who would like to continue enjoying tobacco products and switch from cigarettes to IQOS. That’s it!