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First steps with IQOS

Learning to use IQOS is easy. Learn how to use and charge your IQOS, and find quick tips

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Your personal IQOS coach

Start your IQOS ILUMA experience by switching from cigarettes with your personal IQOS coach.

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Self-diagnose your IQOS

Sometimes a quick is all it takes. Let us help you troubleshoot your IQOS device.

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Accidental Damage Coverage for your IQOS

If you accidentally damage your IQOS device, we’ll replace it for free* so you can continue enjoying your IQOS moments with one less thing to worry about.

* Terms and conditions apply.

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Rapid replacement for your IQOS

If you are entitled for replacement, with our rapid replacement service you won’t have to wait too long for a new device. With a phone call or a visit to an IQOS store or a partner retail point of sale you will receive a new device, immediately. Call 8000 8803 and find the spot closest to you!

International assistance for your IQOS

Get support on holiday or a business trip. We're only ever just a call away.

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Firmware upgrade for IQOS

We’re always improving the technology that goes into your device. To make sure you continue to get the very best experience, update your device to the latest firmware, with only one visit to an IQOS store.

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