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Home FAQ lil SOLID Ez
lil SOLID Ez is a simple to use, one-piece device, that offers heated tobacco experience without ash, smoke or cigarette smoke smell. It heats tobacco from the inside by a stainless-steel pin for rich tobacco experiences. With lil SOLID Ez you can have:

  • 3 back-to-back consecutive uses
  • Up to 25 experiences on a single charge*
  • 5 minutes duration of one session

  • Available in 5 new colours. lil SOLID Ez is designed to be used only with Fiit tobacco sticks.

    * Subject to battery performance degradation and conditions of use.
    lil SOLID Ez and lil SOLID - are both alternatives to cigarette smoking. lil SOLID Ez is the next generation of lil SOLID all-in-one heated tobacco device. What’s new:

    1. New device finishing - glossy finish
    2. 5 new colours
    3. Smaller & lighter
    4. New additional cleaning tool: Dual Cleaner Pro, for cleaning the cap and around the pin.
    You may use the device up to 3 consecutive times without waiting time. After 3 consecutive uses (within 18 minutes) the device will cool down automatically. Please wait. It will take 3,5 minutes before you can use another tobacco stick.
    To check the charge level of lil SOLID Ez, short press the button or plug the device in a power outlet using the supplied USB Cable and AC Power Adaptor. The Status LED light will indicate the current charge level of your device.

    1. While charging, the status LED blinks, and the color of the LED indicates the level of the charge.
    2. When charged, the light turns solid blue.
    3. If the light blinks blue, your battery level is between 100-75%.
    4. If the light blinks ice blue, your battery level is between 75-35% - you still have some power.
    5. If the light blinks orange, your battery level is between 35-1% - you should charge.
    6. If the light blinks red, then you are out of battery and you need to charge.

    Although Iil SOLID Ez device does not require a full charge to work, we recommend to fully charge it before the first use.
    To reset your lil SOLID Ez, press the button for 8 seconds, even if vibration occurs within 2 seconds. The State LED will blink twice in red, orange, ice blue and blue, sequentially. The device is completely reset when the State LED light blinks in ice blue for 1 second, and vibration occurs twice, simultaneously.
    The duration of the experience with Fiit and lil SOLID Ez is up to 5 min or 14 puffs, whichever comes first. The way you puff impacts how long your experience will last.
    The serial number of lil SOLID Ez is displayed under the cap of the device.
    For optimal charge, use a supplied AC Power Adaptor and Charging cable. Please ensure you use the right charging method. We recommend charging only with the USB Cable and AC Power Adaptor designed for lil SOLID. Only 5V 2A chargers will support optimal charging. If you use other types of chargers, such as smartphone chargers or portable power banks, may cause low charge efficiency or reduced battery life.
    Foreign particles may cause poor connectivity between the device and the AC Power Adaptor. To ensure the connectivity between the USB connections, please, ensure that they are clean both on the device and the AC Power Adaptor.
    If you experience any difficulties inserting tobacco sticks, please, check the following:

    1. Check if you are using the Fiit tobacco stick and not any other product.
    2. Check if there are any remnants inside the stick insertion part. Remove the remnants by pulling the cap out of the device, install the cap back and try to insert the stick again.
    3. Don’t forget to twist the tobacco stick more than 3 times in one direction before pulling the stick out of the device. This way you avoid remnants in the stick insertion part.
    4. Check if you insert the stick in the right direction. Insert the tobacco stick with the tobacco part facing down. It should not be inserted upside down, because this could damage your device.
    5. Check if the tobacco sticks were exposed to a humidity or high temperature. They need to be kept in a dry place. Try a new stick from the pack that was not exposed to humidity.
    6. If none of the above solutions helps, contact us at 8000 8803.

    If a stick gets broken in the device, please pull out the cap and the broken stick should come with it. Then, gently tap the cap to remove the broken part. If this does not happen, with caution, try using a toothpick to remove the part of the stick that remains in the device. Do not use any sharp tools to remove the broken stick as you might damage the device. Do not insert any metal into your device. If you are experiencing any trouble please go to your nearest IQOS store so that one of our agents can assist you.