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IQOS vs E-Cigarettes: What’s the difference?

IQOS is not an e-cigarette, it is a heated tobacco device. While both e-cigs and IQOS are smoking alternatives, they are different.


What is tobacco heating?

Heat-not-burn products, such as IQOS, heat tobacco instead of burning it. This way, adult users enjoy real tobacco taste, with no fire, no ash and cigarette smell. Read on to find out more about heated tobacco.


Heated Tobacco Products: Options & Comparison with e-cigarettes

Heated tobacco products come in different varieties. Read on to find out what these are and how they compare to e-cigarettes.


The History of IQOS Heated Tobacco Products | IQOS Cyprus

The history of heated tobacco products and the history of IQOS, the innovative heat-not-burn alternative to continued smoking.


How Do Heated Tobacco Devices Work? | IQOS Cyprus

Discover how heated tobacco devices work and the benefits of switching to IQOS, the alternative to smoking.


Alternatives to Smoking Cigarettes

IQOS heated tobacco is a smoke-free alternative to continued smoking. Experience tobacco without smoke and ash.


Replacing Cigarettes with Better Alternatives

IQOS is a heated tobacco device with years of scientific research and testing. It’s designed to replace the rituals of cigarette smoking.


How to Replace Cigarettes, Not the Nicotine

Did you know that cigarette alternatives like IQOS offer similar tobacco and nicotine experience without the smoke of cigarettes?


Heated Tobacco vs E-Cigarettes: What’s different?

Heated tobacco devices and electronic cigarettes are both alternatives to smoking. Learn about the differences between the two.



One or two HEETS in a row. IQOS 3 DUO now in the Lucid Teal limited edition.


U.S. Food and Drug Administration Authorization Approved!

Philip Morris International Announces U.S. Food and Drug Administration Authorization For Sale of IQOS in the United States