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Smell of cigarettes VS smoke-free alternatives

IQOS heated tobacco devices do not expose others to the smell of smoke.


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Find out how you can return your used VEEV NOW devices for recycling.


Can you vape on a plane?

Where and when can you use your vape device while travelling?


Vaping vs Smoking: What are their differences?

With the several alternatives to cigarettes that are available in the market, adult smokers must have heard of e-cigarettes and vaping. What may concern a lot of these people, is the difference between vaping and smoking and whether vaping is safe.


New IQOS ILUMA STARDRIFT Limited Edition: Out of this world!

Our new limited edition experience is here to take you on a journey to the constellations above us!


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During these holidays, give your adult smoker friends the chance to leave cigarettes behind with a limited edition device that is out of this world!


New lil SOLID Ez: Simple, affordable and refreshed

Discover lil SOLID Ez: Our simple to use, all-in-one heated tobacco device. Simple, affordable and refreshed.


New disposable vape

Explore the new disposable vape for a high-quality vaping experience.


Are Vape Flavours Banned in Cyprus?

Find out whether the EU characterizing flavour ban affects flavoured vapes and learn more about what products are still available in Cyprus.


Refer an adult smoker friend and get rewarded

Let’s go through the answers to the most frequently asked questions about IQOS referrals.


Is Tobacco with a Characterizing Flavour Banned in Cyprus?

The EU ban on characterizing flavoured heated tobacco restricts the sale of these products. Find out if this applies to Cyprus.