1. Guarantees

1.1. The products are covered by legal warranty, which is an obligation for Cassandra.

1.2. Besides the legal warranty, Cassandra has the right to offer a commercial guarantee, at its absolute discretion.

1.3. In any event, during the validity term of any guarantee, under the terms provided for by Cassandra , the Customer must produce the receipt of purchase of the product. Otherwise, the guarantee cannot be provided . It should be noted that the guarantee term is exclusively proven by the date indicated on the receipt of purchase of the Product.

1.4. It is clarified that the alternating current transformer, the USB stick, the IQOS cleaning tool, the IQOS cleaning sticks, and the IQOS covers are covered by a 1 year guarantee.

2. After-sale Customer support services

Cassandra shall exert all possible efforts to fully satisfy the Customer. In the event that any problem arises with regard to the Products after the sale thereof, the Customer can call the telephone number 800 088 03, which operate between 09.00 - 21.00.

3. Limitation of Liability of Cassandra

3.1. The whole content of the Website is provided “as is”, without any requirements or other guarantees of its accuracy or suitability for the use or the purpose for which the products sold are intended. Thus, access to the Website exclusively lies with the responsibility of the guest. In addition to what is expressly mentioned in these terms, to the maximum extent allowed by the Law, Cassandra shall not bear any obligations and guarantees which it has not expressly undertaken itself.

3.2. Liability from the Sale: Cassandra bears the responsibility of fulfilling the sale, and as specified in this agreement and the law on remote contracts and consumer’s protection. It is not liable for any direct, indirect, special, accidental, consequential damages of the purchaser, or for any loss of profit, or for damage to the fame, the clientèle, or the reputation of the purchaser, or for the cost of provision of substitute products and services, which arise from or relate to the sales agreements made in this E-shop, or from the use, failure of use, or operation, or infelicities of this Website. It is also not liable in the case the Customer is entitled to the return of part or all of the price for any delay on the part of the cooperating payment service providers for the execution of the relevant order timely given by Cassandra.

3.3. Cassandra shall not bear any liability for any loss or damage that may be caused by an attack involving denial of service, viruses, or other technologically harmful material which may contaminate your material, software, data or other property material, due to using this Website or downloading any material posted on this Website or on any Website associated with it.

3.4. Cassandra and its associates exert their best efforts, in the context of technological inspections regularly carried out by them, so that the services, the content and the transactions are executed smoothly, and without any interruption, and that the highest standard of security is maintained. However, it shall not be liable in the case that, for any reason, including the case of negligence, the operation of the E-shop is suspended, or access to it becomes difficult and/or impossible, and/or if, despite the safety measures implemented, viruses or any other harmful software are detected and transferred to the terminals of users/guests, or if unauthorised third parties interfere in any manner with the content and the operation of the E-shop, rendering use thereof difficult, or causing problems to the proper operation thereof, or intercept details concerning the users’ personal data. Moreover, it shall not be liable in the case of suspension of access to the E-shop for reasons beyond our control, as well as for reasons due to a technical or other weakness of the network, or to reasons of force majeure, or to unforeseeable circumstances.

3.5.Cassandra exerts due diligence so that the photographs of the Products appearing on the E-shop, as well as any videos posted on the E-shop, depict the actual state of the Products, to the extent possible. However, in any case, the Customer accepts that the Products appearing on the photographs and the videos may deviate from the actual state, form, size, colour, and overall image of the Products sold by the E-shop. Cassandra shall not bear any liability in the event of any deviation of the photographic depiction of the product or the depiction thereof in a video from its actual image. Cassandra does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any information or content regarding any products, software, or advertisements included in the E-shop, as well as of the content of third parties to which the Customer is referred through hyperlinks from the E-shop, or to which the E-shop provides access.

3.6. Liability for any other damage (beyond sale): In any case, for any other damage sustained by the Customer as a result of using or navigating on the E-shop, Cassandra disavows any liability for any consequential, possible and indirect damages, or for escaped profit, including profits not made, loss of data, suspension of activity, damage to fame or reputation, or for the cost of purchase of substitute products, or any other damage, of whatever nature, that could arise from the use of its Websites and/or the Applications, or the content thereof, or from the inability to use the Websites/Applications, the inability to participate in any tendering procedure or offer, and/or the inability to purchase or send any item or product relating to its Websites and Applications, regardless of whether such damages could have been foreseen, or whether they arise in the framework of the contract, the conduct of the purchase, out of the products appearing on the E-shop, due to tort or by negligence, based on the applicable laws, or in another manner. In any case, however, and provided that any damage is due to the proven fault of Cassandra, the latter shall bear liability only for the coverage of any actual damage caused to the damaged party that demonstrably originates from and relates directly to the event giving rise to the damage, and the wrongful act or omission. In the event of negligence, any damage shall be limited to the amount of EUR one thousand (€1,000). Thus, all the liability limitations contained in these Terms of Use, which are acknowledged and accepted by the Website Customer in their entirety as being valid and consistent with good faith and transactional practices, apply.

3.7. The Customer uses the E-shop and acquires access to the content posted on it, on his/her own initiative and at his/her own exclusive responsibility, having full knowledge of the fact that the Website contains tobacco products. The Customer agrees to compensate, defend and release Cassandra, the companies of the Philip Morris International Group, the managers, officers, employees, consultants, representatives and associates thereof of any and all claims of third parties, liability, damages and/or costs arising as a result or on the occasion of any wrongful illegal or anti-contractual use of the Website by the User, or as a result of the wrongful breach on the User’s part of any of the Terms of Use. In any case, the User must promptly notify Cassandra at contact.cy@iqos.com if the User has become aware or has reasonable suspicion or indications that the Website has been used in an illegal or anti-contractual manner by the User (even due to the User’s negligence) or by any other person, so that Cassandra will be able to take the necessary measures for the purpose of limiting any damage.