Device Upgrade with a discount!

Time for device upgrade with a discount!

Do you have an old generation heat-not-burn device?
You now have a great opportunity to upgrade, for a limited time only! By returning your old device to one of the selected points of sale until April 7th, you get the refined IQOS ILUMA PRIME at 59€ with 2 packs (from 109€ with 2 packs)! On the other hand, if you prefer the familiar design of IQOS ILUMA, then you can make it yours at 50€ with 2 packs (from 69€ with 2 packs).

How to trade in your device?
1. Visit one of the selected points selected points of sale
2. Choose the IQOS ILUMA device that suits your needs
3. Return your old device, get the revolutionary IQOS ILUMA and say goodbye to blade and device cleaning for good!

Are you an IQOS CLUB member?
Then you have an additional discount, depending on your level!
Find your discount coupon here!

The upgrade offer is valid until 07/04. It cannot be combined with any other activation. Terms & Conditions


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