IGOS, IQUOS, ICOS, IQO, or AIKOS; How to pronounce and spell correctly IQOS.

When exploring and familiarising yourself with IQOS, it’s understandable to have questions about the brand – not just on how its devices work, but also about its name. Read on to learn more about IQOS, including what its name stands for, and how to pronounce and spell devices in its range.

What does IQOS stand for?

Many adult smokers may be wondering, what does IQOS stand for? IQOS is not an acronym, although it has been falsely labelled as such by some third parties. The name IQOS was chosen by Philip Morris International as a brand name for its leading range of heated tobacco products. It indicates the innovative technology behind the products, combined with the advanced science used in their creation.

How do you spell IQOS?

There are a few common misspellings of IQOS, including IQOUS, IQUS ICUS, IQUOS, IQOA, IWOS, AIKOS, IGOS, IQO, ICOS, AIQOS, AIKOS, AIGOS, EQOS, IQUS, IQOD and I COS. IQOS is in fact spelt as ‘IQOS’ in all global markets, and there are no other variations.

How do you pronounce IQOS?

As with the spelling of IQOS, sometimes, there’s also confusion over how to pronounce the brand name.

Common Mispronunciations

The name IQOS has a few common mispronunciations. It is often incorrectly pronounced as “eye-kose” or “eye-cus.”

. The Correct Pronunciation is “eye-koss.”

Cultural and Linguistic Considerations

The pronunciation of IQOS may have slight variations across different languages and regions. However, the global pronunciation should be “eye-koss”.


As well as the IQOS brand, you might also be wondering how to spell devices in the ILUMA series. Similar to the brand name, there can also be common misspellings of these devices, such as IQOS ILLUMA, ILUMIA, ILIMA, ILUNA or ILUMINA. The correct spelling of these products are as follows – ‘IQOS ILUMA’, ‘IQOS ILUMA ONE’ and ‘IQOS ILUMA PRIME’.

How to Pronounce IQOS ILUMA

The correct pronunciation for IQOS ILUMA is “eye-koss il-oo-ma”.


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