Can you vape on a plane?

For an adult vaper who travels, it’s important to know where and when you can use your vape device . As you may already know, many airlines across the world prohibit vaping, which, in some cases falls under the same set of rules as smoking cigarettes. So if you are travelling, you may want to know where it is possible to use a vape device and take advantage of a designated area that allows vaping.

Why you can’t vape on a plane
The first country to implement a ban on smoking cigarettes on domestic flights was Australia back in 1987, and at a later stage, the no smoking rule was enforced on many transatlantic flights worldwide. By the year 2000, the sight of adults lighting up a cigarette on aircraft was extremely rare.

Most of the major airlines have clear rules that state you cannot use a vape on a plane. We suggest that you follow these rules and that you keep your device in your hand luggage. Airlines have their own policies about travelling with vapes.

There are many reasons for the introduction of the ban, which has in many cases been extended to vape and other electronic smoking devices. One of the reasons is related to the safety aspects associated with lighting up on an aircraft - and the potential risk of a fire. Vaping could potentially set off the detector - raising the alarm which must then be checked out by a flight attendant.

E-cigarettes and airport security
For adult vapers wondering whether it is possible to carry their device onto a plane, the answer for many airports and airlines is simple. While the specific rules for each airline and airport may vary, for many airlines there is a requirement for e-cigarettes to be packed in hand luggage and carried through airport security. Just like many laptops and mobile phones, some vape devices use lithium batteries which means they can become pressurized inside the hold. When packing for a trip we suggest your vape (link to First Steps page) is secure in your hand luggage and inside the original packaging. A vape will also need to be stored in accordance with any other requirements of airport security.

Vaping in an airport lounge
So you packed your things, passed the security check and you are now waiting to board your flight. Are you allowed to vape inside the airport? Although vaping is prohibited during the flight, inside the airports you can usually find designated smoking areas. So all you have to do is ask the airport staff around, so that they can direct you to the right place.

Travelling with a Vape
Store your vape devices in the original packaging at room temperature. If a device has been exposed to excessive heat, cold or moisture, it would be better not to use it.

Taking a Vape Abroad
Many countries have enforced some restrictions around vaping, such as where you cannot use a device, for example. There are also some countries that do not permit the use of vapes at all. We recommend you check and familiarize yourself with the rules specific to the country you are travelling to, before packing a vape device.

Typically, rules around the use of vapes will often extend to other forms of public transport and these will vary depending on where you are in the world. If you are unsure as to where you may vape, we recommend caution. Wait to use a device, rather than using a vape in an area where it may not be permitted.

With international rules and local regulations about vape devices changing often, the best way to make sure you are following the rules is to check the regulations of the country, or countries you are travelling to, before you leave.

Smoking alternatives are not risk free. They deliver nicotine, which is addictive. They are intended for use by adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use nicotine products and are by no means a cessation method.


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