Your first steps with VEEV NOW

Learn everything about your start with VEEV NOW: How to use your device properly, as well as tips and tricks for the best possible experience.
How to use your VEEV NOW
Get ready:
1. Time to unbox your new VEEV NOW device
2. Before you start, please remove the top silicone cap
3. Make sure that the inlet holes are not covered, and the air is able to flow through your device

4. It’s simple: just start puffing! Your device will activate automatically. No need to press any buttons for on/off
5. LED light will glow white while you puff to indicate the device is working
6. Once finished, simply stop puffing and the device will turn off automatically

7. LED will pulse 10 times and then switch off once the battery is fully depleted 8. Please don’t dispose your used VEEV NOW with household waste.
Return it to us to be forwarded for recycling. Find out how to return here.
VEEV NOW: Tips and hints

Remove silicone cap

Don't forget to remove protective silicone cap from the top of your device before using it.

Don't cover airflow holes

Always make sure that the two airflow holes, which are placed on the side of your device, are not blocked by your fingers. The air should be able to flow through your device.

Dispose your VEEV NOW

Please don’t dispose your VEEV NOW together with household waste. Return your used devices for recycling. Find out how to return here.

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Our VEEV NOW User Guide will let you delve deeper into how your device works and how to use it.
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