Discover lil SOLID.

Heated tobacco enjoyment, plain and simple.

Meet lil SOLID: an affordable new all-in-one heated tobacco device that uses a pin to heat tobacco from the inside. It’s driven by the original IQOS vision – to replace every cigarette for those who don’t quit.*

*Important information: lil SOLID is not risk free.

Fiit flavours for lil SOLID.

A little is a lot.

Real tobacco taste with no ash, no fire and less smell than cigarettes.
Tobacco enjoyment plain and simple.
A device to heat tobacco instead of burning it.
No fire, no ash.
Με τη χρήση ακίδας που θερμαίνει ομοιόμορφα τον καπνό εσωτερικά χωρίς να τον καίει.
Less smell than cigarettes.
It's that simple.
See important information
Με το νέο lil SOLID, έχεις έως και 25 εμπειρίες* με μία μόνο φόρτιση. *Ανάλογα με τις συνθήκες χρήσης και τον κύκλο ζωής της μπαταρίας.
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 Gold IQOS 3 DUO holder and charger


Our flagship device.

A Stone Grey lil SOLID device.


Plain and simple.