Refer an adult smoker friend and get rewarded

Up to now, you’ve definitely heard or read that by referring adult smokers to IQOS, you both get rewarded. You get rewarded with a 20€ voucher for your next purchase and 250 points if you’re an IQOS CLUB member, while your adult smoker gets a discount for his first device.
But can you recall how you can refer a friend, how many referrals you can make or which devices your adult smoking friends can choose from once you make the referral? Let’s go through the answers to the most frequently asked questions about IQOS referrals.

How do I refer a friend?
  • Using your phone number
  • Just tell your friend to use your phone number as a discount code!
    More specifically, if he’s planning to purchase his first device on IQOS.com, all he has to do to get the discount is to fill in your phone number on the “Coupon or referral code” field in the shopping cart. If he’s visiting an IQOS store or one of the selected points of sale, he can just give your phone number for referral purposes to the person that assists him.

    By clicking on the below button, a custom SMS will open in your Messages app, with all the necessary details. All you have to do to make your referral is to send it to your adult smoker friends right away!

    How many people can I refer?
    As many as you want! As long as they are adult smokers of course. This way, you can give them the chance to leave cigarettes behind once and for all, the same way you did. What you need to remember though is that rewards – both for you and for your friend – are only valid for your first 5 successful referrals per calendar year.

    Which devices can my friends and family choose from once I make the referral?
    The discount your friends get is valid for all IQOS ILUMA devices! Different discounts also apply to lil SOLID devices.

    For which products can I use my 20€ voucher?
    You can redeem your voucher for the purchase of any product you want. Where can I redeem my voucher?
    You can redeem your voucher on IQOS.com and at all IQOS stores .

    Who can I contact if I have more questions?
    You can contact us in any way you like:
  • Send a message to our Viber chat bot– IQOS Support Cyprus
  • Call us at 8000 8803
  • Send us a message through our Facebook page IQOS Cyprus
  • Use Live Chat on IQOS.com
  • Send an email at contact.cy@iqos.com
  • Visit your nearest IQOS store

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