New lil SOLID Ez: Simple, affordable and refreshed

Same tobacco experience in 5 new colours

We are taking your experience to the next level of style and simplicity! The new lil SOLID Ez has been designed to offer an even simpler and more affordable real tobacco experience. The new compact device is even lighter than its predecessor. Everything you liked about lil SOLID has just become more colourful, with 5 different colours to choose the one that matches your style.

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No ash, no firex

lil SOLID Ez uses a specially designed, stainless-steel pin to heat tobacco from the inside instead of burning it. Thanks to this technology, you can have a real tobacco taste and a rich experience, without ash, fire or tar. A better alternative to cigarettes, at an affordable price.

Live your simple everyday moments with lil SOLID Ez

With 3 back-to-back consecutive uses and a battery ready for up to 25 uses on a single charge, the practical, all-in-one lil SOLID Ez device stands out for its simplicity. So get ready to live your simple everyday moments with lil SOLID Ez!

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