Cigarette smell VS IQOS smell

Why don’t I smell cigarettes with IQOS?

The differences between IQOS and conventional cigarettes are numerous. One of the most apparent differences however is the smell. You’ve definitely noticed that with IQOS, you have less smell on your clothes, hands and hair. But do you know why?

Combustion: The reason behind cigarette smell

As you know, anything that burns usually produces unpleasant odours, as well as smoke. The same goes for conventional cigarettes: They burn tobacco, producing ash and smoke with a lingering smell.

IQOS heats tobacco

In the case of IQOS, there is no combustion. On the contrary, the device you’re holding heats tobacco instead of burning it. Therefore, it doesn’t produce cigarette smoke. Instead, it produces a tobacco vapor, which is significantly different than smoke and gets dissolved easily, thus leaving less lingering smell on your clothes, hands and hair!


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