IQOS CLUB opened its doors!

At IQOS CLUB , you collect points to level up to Silver, Gold and Platinum levels.
Each level unlocks unique benefits for you, rewarding you for your consistent preference on IQOS.
You start as a Silver member where you can take advantage, from the first day, of a range of benefits, like unique IQOS offers, partner discounts, access to all IQOS news and more.

How do you unlock your benefits and reach the top of the IQOS CLUB?
Quite simply, with everything you've been doing so far.
With your purchases of IQOS products, with your successful referrals, and in many other ways, you will gather IQOS CLUB points that will take you a little higher each time.
And not only that!
We have created other ways to collect points by taking quizzes or watching interesting videos within IQOS CLUB.

What do you need to become a member?
You need to be an IQOS user with a registered device in your profile.
It's that simple!

If you want to open the doors to the benefit it gives you, join IQOS CLUB now!


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