IQOS App is HERE and it will become your favorite app!

Now you have the ultimate guide to your IQOS experience in just a few clicks!
A modern, easy to use application that offers:
  • -Everything you need to know about your IQOS device through tutorial videos and useful tips
  • -Ability to personalize your IQOS device. Customize its functions and notifications according to your needs and preferences.
  • -Option to update the firmware of your IQOS device easily from wherever you are, with your laptop or mobile
  • -Management of your personal profile
  • -Answers to frequently asked questions, store locator and much more

Wondering how to find the IQOS app?
Via Widget for Windows: Click HERE
Via Widget for Mac iOS: Click HERE
Via Google Play for android devices: Click HERE

Connect easily!
In the IQOS app you can easily login with the same login credentials that you use on iqos.com!

Start by updating the firmware of your IQOS device.
Pair your IQOS device with the app either via Bluetooth or via USB cable and click on "New firmware update available".
Within a few seconds the software of your IQOS device will be updated!

What are you waiting for?
Download the app now in one of the above ways and start browsing, because it is HERE for you and has all the answers!


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