It’s a matter of choice.

It’s a matter of choice.


Do you know what lies behind HEETS’ taste experience?
An entire journey, starting with passion for blending. It’s also empowered by technology and guided by science. But, the ultimate destination is you.
Behind each blend of HEETS lies passion, devotion and our people’s art. Each blend requires the mixture of different types of tobacco, in order to achieve a specific taste result – a procedure that requires methodical work of many months.

The art of blending
Blenders, the people who learned their craft in the factory, but also in cultivation, after years of demanding training around the world. For each blend they will need to work methodically for many months. They will try many different combinations of tobacco types and proportions until they find the right one. Until they find the blend that conveys the flavor direction and body of each HEETS flavor, just as it should be.
This journey doesn’t end here - we create HEETS using breakthrough technology and always guided by science.

High Technology
With many years of expertise but also with the power of state-of-the-art machine technology, we make sure that the production process meets the highest standards at every stage: from the processing of tobacco, to the manufacturing of the tobacco stick till the moment it is inserted in each pack.
The care for quality
HEETS, before reaching your hands, go through quality controls, inspired by the standards of the pharmaceutical industry. This way, we are sure that we offer you the excellent quality that you are looking for.
Our primary goal is to offer you an unbeatable taste experience, with 9 flavors of different intensity and blends that suit every taste.
Everything that we do for HEETS is based on heat-not-burn blade technology: From blending to tobacco optimization and tobacco sticks anatomy, everything is designed to combine your IQOS device with HEETS so that you enjoy the ideal taste experience.
Your own taste
There are 9 flavors for you to choose. Whatever taste you prefer, you will find the flavor that suits you.


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