New year, double reward!

With our referral program, every time you introduce the IQOS world to an adult smoking friend, both of you will be rewarded.

And now, you get a double reward!

What’s in for you?
You can earn 20 points* and redeem them on IQOS products for each of your successful referrals, ie for each of your adult smoking friends who buy an IQOS device. (* 1 point = 1 euro)

What’s in for your adult smoker friend?
They have the opportunity to discover a better alternative in relation to cigarettes by purchasing the IQOS device of their preference at a better price.

Now, they can buy lil SOLID at only 11€ (instead of 19€) and IQOS ILUMA ONE at only 29€ (instead of 39€).*

In addition, through your referral, they enjoy free IQOS telephone support and their own personal advisor, to help them with any question they have.

What are you waiting for; Call at 8000 8803 or visit an IQOS store and we will help you get started by registering you at Together More!

And through Together More you will be able to invite your adult smoking friends to the world of IQOS easily, and share with them all the benefits of a better alternative in relation to cigarettes!

*IQOS ILUMA & IQOS ILUMA PRIME devices are part of the offer, with a discount of 10€.
The offer is valid until 05/02/2023, for new users, with the purchase and the registration of their 1st device.


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