An Update to HEETS Packs

In line with a European legal requirement related to single use plastics, we’ve added a logo to the back of HEETS packs to show that the sticks contain plastic. It’s a small but important change to the packaging but rest assured that what’s inside HEETS hasn’t changed - it’s the same product you know and enjoy today.

Why is there plastic in HEETS?
The HEETS filter (the mouth piece) is made of cellulose acetate which is a bioplastic made from modified tree pulp cellulose. Cellulose acetate as commonly used in filters for tobacco products has the most efficient filtration properties. As material, cellulose acetate is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, and weakly flammable.

The cooling plug (otherwise known as PLA filter) is made from modified corn-based material, polylactic acid film, which is also used in the medical, food and beverage industries. The cooling plug is designed to cool down the aerosol generated by the heating tobacco and turn it into an aerosol that is possible to be inhaled.

According to the European Directive for Single-Use-Plastics, bioplastics are also considered plastics.

Dispose of used HEETS responsibly
It’s important to dispose of used HEETS responsibly once you’ve enjoyed them. With no fire, no ash, and no need to stub them out, you can simply put used HEETS in the bin and keep litter off the streets.


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