Congratulations! You have just won a participation to the most colorful competition to claim an extremely feminine Limited Edition leather accessory from the IQOS collection by Sara Battaglia.
Today is your day and we celebrate with you because you are a woman!

Meet the Italian designer behind the new IQOS collaboration.

IQOS has a collaboration with the Italian fashion designer Sara Battaglia, who is known for her vibrant and colorful designs that open up new perspectives. Born in Milan, she started working in the world of fashion at a young age. She soon realized the role she wanted to play in fashion: she wanted to be the creator of her own, colorful and vibrant world with a whole new perspective - based on the idea that "the rainbow is a color". The rainbow has become the iconic and recurring theme in her work, and a way of expressing how unlikely a change can be.
Sara Battaglia left behind the cigarette with IQOS, she was inspired by this change in her life and she wanted to use her creativity for IQOS by creating two unique IQOS accessories - IQOS leather case and IQOS leather belt bag.

Sharing the same appreciation for high quality materials and exceptional design, her pieces pair fashion with a refreshingly unapologetic attitude towards practicality, which is reflected in her collaboration with IQOS.

And do not forget… "The rainbow is color!"
- Sara Battaglia


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